Part 4: Bringing Homegrown Water Innovation To China and What We Learned From It


Dr. Linda Gowman, CTO, Trojan Technologies Dr. Ted Mao, VP-Research, Trojan Technologies
Dr. Linda Gowman, CTO, Trojan Technologies


Dr. Ted Mao, VP-Research, Trojan Technologies

By Dr. Linda Gowman, CTO and Dr. Ted Mao, VP-Research, Trojan Technologies.

China is a very large country with some regions experiencing significant water stress due to the scarce supply and quality of raw water. China is currently investing heavily in improving its water supply throughout the country.

Ontario companies and researchers not only have a longstanding history of excellence in water research and in bringing water innovations to market, but also in working in China with Chinese partners. The water challenges presented in China provide an opportunity for Ontario-based water technology companies and researchers to continue to grow the knowledge base both at home and in China.

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Wadi Hanifah

George Stockton, Drew Wensley and their colleagues from Moriyama and Teshima lead the $1 billion, 10-year project to transform what was the equivalent of “a toilet” the size of greater Toronto to a clean, green safe and healthy living space which connects the people and the land.
They were told a lot of what they were doing wouldn’t work. But they perservered. It was a new direction for the Middle East.
Central to their plan was to begin recycling the water, and to use the natural processes of the region to restore it. In Riyadh they receive 100 ml (about 4 inches) of water per year—in a good year!  When the project began, it was costing them 1 barrel of oil to make 1 barrel of desalinated fresh water. It was truly a water crisis.
Courtesy of Moriyama and Teshiyma, we’ll let the dramatic ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures tell you this amazing story of this remarkable transformation. The pictures say it better than we ever could.


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The Most Comprehensive Platform for New Water Technologies in the world will call Ontario Home—How we did it

By Walter Stewart

The Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) – A Development Platform for New Water Technologies is a $60 million and growing project to create a platform for research and technology development, testing, and demonstration in water. The Platform includes facilities for the testing and development of drinking water solutions, wastewater purification, ecotoxicological analysis, watershed management, and sensor development. It includes a series of facilities within the Grand River watershed, the Mimico Creek subwatershed near Toronto, the City of London Greenway Wastewater Treatment Centre, the City of Guelph Waste Water Treatment Centre, the Sensor Development Labs at McMaster University, Drinking Water Treatment Labs at the Universities of Toronto and Waterloo,ecotoxicological labs and staging facilities at Laurier, and the Ground Water Research Facilities at Base Borden and the University of Guelph. These facilities are augmented with a variety of mobile facilities that can be deployed as needed across the watersheds. The facilities are linked together with a large computational and data facility invested by IBM and installed at the University of Toronto to process, analyze, store, and distribute the data produced across the platform.

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Forget Oil. How Can Water Become the New Internet?

It was exciting to see the participants gather for the first Water Leadership Summit earlier this week in Toronto.  

The Summit was unique gathering of industry leaders in the change that it happening in the water industry.  The activity there reflects the change happening in the industry.  I was excited to watch CEOs from Top 50 companies meet CEOs of the largest water companies and the leading water tech investors.

The challenges of water scarcity, ecosystem breakdown and infrastructure decay set the context of the meeting, but the focus was upon what can be done.  How can innovation make a difference in water management?   

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The Artemis Project Excellence (APEX) Award

By Laura Shenkar

Sustainable water technology is essential for the future—but it needs support.

The Artemis Project Top 50 recognizes the advancements with potential for wide-scale success. This year, our 12-judge panel and the EPA identified companies within the Top 50 that are challenging the status quo with trailblazing solutions to long-ignored water problems.

The APEX Award recognizes nine innovators with sustainable business models and technologies transforming water management.

The pioneers in water tech are focusing on the first markets where dramatic savings in water, energy and resources matter. Water scarcity, ecosystem breakdown, and infrastructure decay demand far more than incremental improvements.

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Lets not give it all away- “Liquid Gold”

by Usha Srinivasan PhD, Director, Market Intelligence, MaRS Discovery District

Ok this is not a girly blog about “gold” or Jadore Dior’s perfume !! I am talking about our fresh water resources.

Its Canada water week and World Water day on Mar 22nd, but I sure hope this conversation below on “understanding our country’s water demand” is not just this weeks fancy and an ongoing dialogue that allows for developing, understanding and implementing real-time monitoring and “water demand” forecasts for better utilization of this resource from here on.

So what do I really mean by that?

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