A Motivational Meeting of Minds

What issues do more than one hundred Ontario business leaders have in common? Plenty, as it turns out. Just ask the attendees at the 18th annual Wisdom Exchange. Held in Toronto and hosted by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment’s (MEDTE) Business Advisory Services, this day-and-a-half peer-to-peer networking forum was attended by


Seeing is Believing

  Can advanced technology improve the sight of the visually impaired? An Ottawa-based company believes so. Founded in 2006 by telecom entrepreneur Conrad Lewis – whose two sisters suffer from Stargardt’s disease – eSight Corp. develops intelligent video eyewear for people challenged by macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other low-vision conditions. The company’s signature product,

Economic Development

The Path Towards a More Competitive, Globally Connected Ontario

The Path Towards a More Competitive, Globally Connected Ontario An interview with Josh Hjartarson (HJ), Vice President, Policy and Government Relations, at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC). Following the recent release of the Emerging Stronger 2013 report, the Ontario Business Report (OBR) interviewed Josh Hjartarson via telephone to discuss policies aimed at transforming Ontario’s


China’s Calling and Ontario’s Listening

In four years’ time the OECD predicts China will overtake the U.S. and become the world’s largest economy. A recent U.S. National Intelligence Council report predicts Asia’s economy will surpass that of North America and Europe by 2030. Against this backdrop, Premier McGuinty recently completed his fourth, and final, trade mission to China. Accompanied by


Game theory

  Combine talent, education, and entrepreneurial drive. Place in incubator. In St. Catharines, the result is a rising digital media star called PixelNAUTS. Young gamers take note: it really is possible to have a career (and even your own business) in the gaming industry. Spending a lot of time playing games is definitely part of


China’s Century: The Need to Boost Ontario – Chinese Bilateral Trade

An interview with Yijun Song, Ontario’s Beijing-based Commercial Counsellor Following last week’s launch of Premier McGuinty’s fourth and final trade mission to China, Mr. Song explains why he’s proud to represent Ontario, the need to bolster Ontario-Chinese bilateral trade and the long-term likelihood of increased Chinese investment in Ontario OBR: With Premier McGuinty currently in

Growing Business

Canada’s Financial Sector Warrants International Praise

  In its recent assessment, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development forecasted Canada will outpace its G7 peers in economic growth over the next 50 years. And during that same half century, Canadian GDP growth will average 2.2 per cent annually. Given a global economy still recovering from the 2008-09 global financial crisis and


The Great White North’s World-Class Financial Sector

An interview with Janet Ecker, President and CEO, Toronto Financial Services Alliance (TFSA) Accompanying Minister of Economic Development and Innovation Brad Duguid on his recent financial services trade mission to New York City, the TFSA’s Janet Ecker discusses Toronto’s role as a global financial services centre with the Ontario Business Report. Ontario Business Report: During

Economic Development

Addressing Ontario’s Needs of Tomorrow, Today

The global economy is undergoing a major shift. As the U.S. and Europe – Ontario’s two traditional trade partners – struggle through the aftermath of the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, developing economies race ahead. And as they push the boundaries of global competition, Ontario must adapt. With this in mind, last June, the


Planting Seeds in the City of Roses

As Canada’s second-largest auto producer Windsor, Ontario felt the effects of the global recession. With the fate of its auto sector hanging in the balance in the fall of 2009, some City of Roses’ residents considered relocating. But even in the midst of an economic downturn, a silver lining can emerge. Windsor’s well-documented struggles spurred

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