Revolutionizing Personal Transportation

“You have to try it!” says Fred Gingl. “There’s never been anything like this before.” Fred Gingl is an innovator and inventor, and passionate about his creations.  Best known in the corporate world as one of the driving forces behind the success of auto parts giant Magna International Inc., Gingl is CEO and a partner


The Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC)

A major force in international water expertise In a little more than a decade, the United Nations says two-thirds of the world’s population, or about 5.5 billion, will face moderate or severe water shortages. And without smarter ways of using existing supplies the situation could get worse. Even now, limited water resources are threatening economic


Creating the Green Virtuous Circle

Anyone who has struggled with rigid, impossible-to-open plastic containers for toys, hardware, electronic items and the like will welcome a new environmentally friendly product line from a fledgling Ontario company, Pulp Moulded Products. “You don’t need to borrow the Jaws of Life from your local fire department to open one of our packages,” says company


Ontario BioAuto Council Fuelling

the Green Car of the Future   Next time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, think plastic. From seats and floors to dashboards and steering wheels, automotive products have not been spared from the plastic invasion. Today’s typical car or truck uses over 100 kilograms of synthetic plastic. The fossil fuels used in


Protecting Environment and Strengthening Clean Economy

Keeping used electronics out of landfills is creating new jobs in the clean economy. Sims Recycling Solutions opened its new Mississauga e-waste recycling facility today. It will create up to 200 jobs and process 100,000 metric tonnes of waste electronics and electrical equipment annually. That is equivalent to 14,700 full garbage trucks. The new Sims


Making WISE advances in sustainable energy

It’s a given that strong and progressive economies need energy. It’s also a given that global concerns about ever increasing energy demands, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change have launched a worldwide movement to meet this need in a clean, green and sustainable way. The Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) is at the forefront


Ensuring Ontario’s clean energy future

The Ontario Centres of Excellence have partnered with academia and industry to invest a total of $28 million to fund research and development for six new clean energy projects across the province. The projects offer an exciting glimpse into our energy future and promise to keep Ontario at the forefront of clean energy technology. “These


A sunny future with silicon

It’s second only to oxygen as the most abundant element on Earth, and it may be the key to a clean energy future. As the primary material used to manufacture photovoltaic cells, silicon in its purest form is the power behind solar energy. The solar energy industry is on the verge of overcoming the final


DMI: powering the future

DMI Industries calls itself a “towering force in wind energy” and it’s an apt description of the West Fargo, North Dakota-based manufacturer. DMI makes wind towers – those massive steel structures topped with blades that stand about nine stories high and dot the countryside, providing clean energy. And the company is poised to have the